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Ervaren allround DJ uit Amsterdam en Utrecht voor bruiloft, verjaardag of personeelsfeest - Muziek op maat voor elk feest!


It’s obvious that the most wonderful day of your life has to end with a smashing dance party with your friends, family and colleagues. And preferably with music that is personalized according to your personal taste. It’s my honour and pleasure to cooperate on that. With my experience of dj’ing at hundreds of wedding events I know very well how to fill and entertain the dance floor.

On this page I will try to answer all your questions, so you will have all information at one glance. But don’t hesitate to contact me for any further questions and use the contact form for a non-committal price quote and appointment.

My real name is Sacco Koster, from Amsterdam, dj since 1994. Music is my passion and spinning music for others is my profession. Since 2010 I have specialized in dj’ing at weddings, corporate and private parties.


How much experience do you have as a DJ on wedding parties?

  • As of 2010 I dj’ed at approximately 400 wedding events. Usually I perform at about 30 weddings per year.

Do you have references of other bridal couples?

  • Bridal couples may leave a review after their wedding day on The Perfect Wedding website. After more than 140 posts the average rate is 9.8/10. On Google Maps you will mainly find responses after birthday and corporate parties. That rate is 5.0/5.0 after about 40 reviews. All references can be read on this page. Some are in English.

Do you have videos or recordings of previous performances?

  • Video and audio footage are not available, as it is very hard to get the quality right. Moreover, wedding parties are very personal. A highlight from one wedding party may mean nothing to other people.
  • I do record a one hour promo-mix every year. You can listen to these on my Mixcloud page. Remember: any songs you don’t like won’t be played on your party (if you tell me in advance).

Is it possible to watch you live in action?

  • This is difficult, since I hardly have any public gigs anymore. I do perform on a public dance event at the Nieuwe KHL in Amsterdam on Friday 5 April (20.30-1.00h). The music will be quite alternative. If you wish to swing by, just send me a message and I’ll see what I can arrange 😉

Do you have experience with international weddings?

  • Yes, very much! I regularly perform at destination weddings as well as wedding parties of Dutch people who marry someone from abroad, which I enjoy very much. The bridal couples often provide specific tracks from their country. If I don’t know these yet, I will listen to them and define the best moment to play them. Usually it works best to alternate these with more well-known top 40 songs.
  • At the very bottom of this page is a list of countries I have experience with.
  • If you marry outside of the Netherlands, I’d also be happy to provide the music at your reception and dance party, if my agenda allows it.

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Bruiloft DJ Feetback uit Amsterdam en Utrecht
DJ Feetback plays the music yóu would like to hear. Picture:


How much does a performance by dj Feetback at our wedding event cost?

  • I provide discounts for weekdays and from October until April.
  • Four hours of dj’ing on a Friday or Saturday from May until September in Amsterdam or Utrecht without equipment for disco light and sound usually costs between € 550,- and € 675,-., including 9% vat and my own dj equipment (laptop and controller).
  • Including equipment for disco light and sound in Amsterdam or Utrecht a four hour set would usually cost between € 650,- and € 775,-. This includes 9% vat, two active speakers (JBL or RCF, with built-in amplifier), one stand with four disco lights, two extra disco light effects, dj-equipment (laptop and controller), transportation, setting up, breaking down and insurance. I don’t have a dj booth, but most of the times I use a table provided by the venue, whic I cover with a black cloth. This equipment is perfect for parties up to 125 persons.

Are you able to perform longer than four hours?

  • No problem at all. I often play background music during reception or dinner as well. Seven hours in total is the max though. I charge € 50,- to € 75,- per half hour extra, depending on the length of the background music and dance party.

Are you able to arrange a fancy dj booth or extra sound and disco lights?

  • Yes, I often cooperate with professional rental partners. I will call on them if you have specific wishes or if you expect more than 125 persons or if your event is far away from Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Do you perform with a saxophone player?

  • I have performed with a saxophone player, but to be honest I prefer not to. Main reason is the choice of music: top 40 music that most people know works best at most weddings. Usually that’s not the type of music a saxophone player would add value to. He/she comes to its own with tight beats and instrumental dance; personally I find the dynamics of that type of music not appropriate for weddings.

Would a Silent Disco be appropriate for a wedding event?

  • Some venues don’t allow amplified music after 11.00pm. In that case a Silent Disco (or Headphone Disco) is certainly an option. I’ve done this a few times and it’s super fun! And technically it’s not difficult to arrange. Headphones and transmitter can be rented at various companies.
  • Silent Disco works best once the party has taken off. During walk-in and at the start of the evening people are usually chatting, which makes it pointless. During those hours I could play backgrond music over regular speakers and then switch to Silent Disco once the party can really kick off.

BAND or DJ on our wedding? What would you recommend?

    Of course I won’t proclaim it’s better to book a live band for your party. However, I’d like to point out the disadvantages:

  • First of all a band will be much more expensive. In order to perform a wide range of music you need at least six members, who all deserve a decent fee: apart from drums, guitar and bass, most likely also saxophone, keyboard, male and female singer. And don’t forget the sound engineer.
    A band needs more technical set up, such as microphones, monitor speakers and mixing desk, which makes it more expensive as well.
  • Most bands will do three or four sets of 30 to 45 minutes. This is maximum three hours, which doesn’t cover the entire evening. Which means you would need a dj after the band and in between anyway.
  • A wedding is the type of event where friends and family gather that haven’t seen each other in a long time. Especially at the beginning of the evening it will be time to chat and catch up. A dj will be able to adjust the volume, which is more difficult for a live band.
  • I have yet to encounter the band that’s not only able to play Elvis Presley, Earth Wind & Fire, and Backstreet Boys, but also eg. Sean Paul, Underworld ánd a tight versions of the latest Spanish reggaeton smash hit.


Which music does DJ Feetback play at a wedding?

  • Most popular by demand are guilty pleasure 90’s hits, dance of the past 30 years and pop and disco from the 70’s and 80’s. Good old soul and rock & roll will appeal to the parents and grand parents, especially at the beginning of the party.

You may also request many other specific styles:

  • Songs from the countries you or your guests come from;
  • R&B and hiphop;
  • Classic rock and metal;
  • Alternative rock and new wave;
  • World music, such as latin, reggaeton, salsa, African and Balkan beats;
  • Ballroom dancing (quickstep, rumba, chacha, waltz etc)
  • Any specific wishes? I’m always interested to discover new music.

How important is our musical input for the party?

  • Generally the music at a wedding event should be allround, due to the various age groups and musical preferences of the guests. As a bridal couple however, you may point out which decades and genres you would like to have emphasized. And of course which ones you really DON’T want to hear at your own party!
  • Apart from that I’d like you to compile a playlist of approx. 20 songs you would like to hear. That will be a playlist in my laptop, but I will also compile a playlist of songs that will go together well with your choices. I will start the night with about 10 hours of music that I have prepared. That’s when the real dj work starts: seeing how people respond and trying to maintain the flow. Not only by mixing and creating logical changes, but also by constantly thinking of which song to play next.

Are you open for requests by our guests?

  • Requests are common and more than welcome. Of course I will take your preferences (and black list) into account. I always try to find the right moment for each request, so someone who requests Nirvana or Tiësto at 20.30h will have to be patient for a couple of hours. And if you pointed out you don’t like to hear those songs I won’t play them 😉

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Allround Wedding DJ Feetback
I’d be happy to edit or mix your first dance song. Picture: Joost Weddepohl


Can we book you all over the Netherlands or even abroad?

  • Basically yes, as long as it fits in my agenda. I try to perform as much as possible near Amsterdam and Utrecht, which is where I live. For long distance shows I may cooperate with professional local rental partners, who are able to set up all equipment.

At which venues in Amsterdam or Utrecht do you perform more often?

  • Basically I’m able to dj everywhere, including venues I haven’t been to yet. However, these are Amsterdam the venues who are happy to recommend me: Huize Frankendael, De Hortus, Rijk van de Keizer, Haddock, Westerliefde, Veerhuis aan het IJ, The Grand and HLMS.
    Utrecht venues are Oudaen and De Rechtbank.

Do you get in touch with a new venue beforehand?

  • Yes, because it’s very important to sort out the logistics. In the week before the party I will phone or email the contact person at the venue and discuss the time to set up, the best spot to unload the equipment, the table I’d like to use and I will ask if they have a sound limit. I will also check if the start and finish time are the same as what I’ve agreed on with the bridal couple.
  • If necessary I will phone the venue at the start of the booking process to avoid misunderstandings about the equipment. A wedding couple that organizes a party for the first time in their lives may have difficulties understanding the technical specifiations of speakers and lights for a good dance party.


What time do you arrive and how long does it take to set up and break down the equipment?

  • In case I perform with my own speakers and disco lights I will arrive about one hour before starting time. It will take 25 minutes to set everything up and be ready to start dj’ing.
    If all equipment is provided by the venue I will arrive 30 minutes before and be ready to start in five minutes.
    Afterwards it will take 15 minutes to break everything down.

What happens if you have to cancel due to sickness?

  • It’s my responsibility to arrange a replacing DJ. Luckily this happened only once since 2010. After that I compiled a Whatsapp group of eight great allround DJ’s. Some of them are not fulltime DJ, so quite likely available.

Do you dress for the occasion?

  • I have several fancy shirts, pants and shoes that I only use for performances. A three-piece suit with tie or bow tie is not my style.

Do you use the microphone during your DJ set?

  • I’m not the type of DJ who talks during or in between the songs. Main exception is the first dance, which is usually announced by me as well as the departure of the bridal couple including the very last song of the night. I may also announce the last round if the bar asks me to.

What is the sound volume during the party?

  • During the walk-in, when people are usually chatting, I keep the music at around 75 to 80 decibel.
    Once people start dancing I gradually nudge it up to about 92 decibel. That’s usually very appropriate for a group of 100 people. I have a decibel tool with me to measure it near the speakers. That’s where the dancing people are. Talking people will be further away from the speakers, where the sound level will be lower.
  • I will take the venue sound limit into account if it has one. Usually that’s 90 decibel and in rare cases only 80 dB. Even in that case it’s possible to have a good dance party with 100 people, as long as I turn down the bass levels a little bit. This means it will depend on the musical preferences; if you like contemporary dance and hiphop the feel of the bass is pretty important. In that case I would recommend not to hire a venue with a 80 dB sound restriction.

Do you take breaks during your DJ set?

  • Nope; I will have to use the bathroom a few times during a four hour set, for which I use songs that last at least three minutes before mixing in the next song.
    I’m in good physical shape thanks to my swimming routine and back excersises, so I can easily do long DJ sets without breaks.

What do you eat and drink during a performance?

  • It’s common that the DJ, just like the guests, gets drinks from the bar. On a regular party night I prefer to start with a latte and a bottle of water. Then maybe a juice or ice tea and eventually an alcohol free beer and two regular beers.
  • If my set starts before 19.00h I’d like to enjoy a dinner at the venue. This may also be a staff meal. During a long DJ set it would be nice to enjoy some of the snacks that go around on the dance floor.


How do we check if you’re available for our wedding date?

  • My website does not contain a realtime calendar. Please use the contact form on this page or email me with the date and place of your event. I will respond as soon as possible and for sure within 24 hours. If I’m available I will include the price quote right away.

What does the timeline for booking dj Feetback look like?

  • If you like my price quote, I’d be happy to visit you – still non-committal – to get to know each other. We can also meet via Zoom or Skype. We will discuss the music and the timeline of the evening, but I may also give you advice on the opening dance and other suggestions based on my experience
  • After the meeting I will keep your date in option for you for two weeks. This basically means I will check with you first, should I get another inquiry for the same date
  • Once you’ve said ‘Yes’ (to my option), I will send the confirmation by email, including all details as discussed, an invoice for the down payment (usually € 100,-) and the general conditions
  • Two weeks before the party you may send me a list with approx. 20 titles and artists you would like to hear. We may also go through the final details
  • You or the masters of ceremony may contact me anytime before the party if there are any questions.



I’m one of those lucky people who managed to turn his passion into his profession. This means I live for the dj’ing ánd I make a living out of it. My professional approach starts with our first contact by mail or phone and runs all the way to and including the party. This is when I have your musical wishes in mind and think of which song will be best to play next. This is how the 9.8 out of 10 (based upon more than 140 reviews) was created on The Perfect Wedding, which I’m very proud of.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing the music for your party!

Since 2010 I dj’ed at many international weddings, with people originating from:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • England
  • France
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Ukrain
  • Macedonia
  • Poland
  • Iran
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • Gabon
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Puerto Rico
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Surinam

“Sacco really made the party come alive. Music throughout the wedding day was very important to us as a couple and he understood that from the start. Setting aside time to speak to us, get an idea of the music we like as a couple and making sure the party was such a joyful memory. Fantastic DJ and perfect for any occassion.”

DJ Feetback Wedding Hotel Arena Amsterdam 2022

“It was a pleasure to work with DJ Feetback. It was very easy to communicate with him about our music choices and he contacted our wedding location directly to arrange the set up and took care of all the organisational matters. We loved his music and the wedding and even though we had guests from all over the world and of all ages, everyone enjoyed the music he was playing. The dancefloor was always full with guests. We can highly recommend DJ Feetback as your music choice for your wedding.”

“Sacco helped us make our wedding a great party! Also very professional in communication leading up to the wedding. Thank you!”

“DJ Feetback was our wedding DJ and he did an amazing job. Kept everyone dancing the whole time he was playing, because the selection of songs was perfect and exactly what we were looking for. He is very easy to work with and was exceptional in responding to all our questions we had. Top notch!”

“DJ Feetback was really nice and easy to work with. He understood our wishes and was able to play music that appealed to wedding guests from different cultural backgrounds and ages. We would heartily recommend him!”

DJ Feetback Wedding Amsterdam

“DJ Feetback was a wonderful DJ who provided the best experience for our wedding. He met with us beforehand to understand our taste in music and how the evening would go, set up on time and ready to receive the guests, played fun background music during dinner, provided a mic and support for speeches and performances, had his own light installation to help get the party going, worked with the venue to make sure the dance experience was the best, and best of all, played a fantastic mix of songs so that every single guest was on the dance floor and excited about each new song. We definitely recommend hiring DJ Feetback for any occasion– our guests were in love!”

DJ Feetback Bruiloft Duin En Kruidberg Santpoort 2018

“We were extremely happy with DJ Feetback. He really listened to what we wanted in terms of the mood and the type of music. He got the party started and everyone was dancing and had an awesome time. He did a wonderful job at our wedding!”

“The music on our wedding party was fantastic. One of our guests said that they hadn’t danced that much (while sober!) in years. The communication beforehand was great and we had a really nice talk about our tastes and what type of music we would want played. This was totally reflected back in the songs chosen. We were really happy with the wedding party and the music was such a large part of that. Thanks DJ Feetback!”

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